Spiritual Emergency

Most people think that a spiritual awakening will be a wonderful, blissful, transcendent experience filled with mystical activations and enlightenment. And while for most people there will be moments like, this the truth is, awakening can be a rocky road.

The process of awakening demands the stripping away of ego and often many of beliefs and structures that you have been taught your whole life. For most people awakening is messy, filled with highs, lows and pitfalls and often interspaced with dark moments. We call this state ‘Spiritual Emergence’ and the truth is, experiences like this are perfectly normal. But sometimes awakening can take a tricky turn and push us from a normal spiritual emergence into ‘Spiritual Emergency’ (also called Spiritual Crisis), where the change in consciousness becomes so dramatic or happens so quickly that it is uncontrollable.

This state can be very frightening for those undergoing it and for the people around them. Those in a state of spiritual emergency may:

  • Be overwhelmed emotionally and mentally
  • Find old beliefs and ways of life challenged or crumble away
  • Have unwanted, uncontrolled or spontaneous mystical experiences
  • Experience uncomfortable physical sensations of energy in the body
  • Feel out of touch with reality, disjointed or messianic
  • Be compelled to communicate their experiences through speech or writing
  • May be unable to cope with normal everyday life

It is extremely difficult for someone in full blown Spiritual Emergency to successfully navigate these stormy waters alone. It can feel like a living nightmare, battling to keep mind, body and soul together.

The good news is that with help and support, once conquered the emergency state can become a liberating experience. Fear and ego are transcended, life priorities are reassessed and transformation is able to take place in a more measured and safe manner. Having experienced this state first hand and knowing how daunting it can be, I offer guidance and support for those in Spiritual Emergency helping them to reduce and manage the symptoms, regain stability and gently guide them back to a more grounded way of being.

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