Spirit Release

We live in a world of subtle energies and although most remain unseen they can, and often do, affect us in many ways.

Most people will be able to remember times they have walked into a room and felt uncomfortable, or sat next to someone on the train or bus and wanted to move away from them because they felt “off” in some way. This is us picking up on negative or low vibrational energies from the space or person.

These energies can range from simple emotional energy that is left in a space, through fragmented soul energy left after intense or traumatic events, to more serious spirit attachment of earthbound spirits, to name but a few. Sometimes these low vibrational energies can attach to our own energy fields and leave us with a range of symptoms from the mild to more severe.

The more extreme symptoms can include

  • Low energy, anxiety or depression
  • Physical symptoms such as unexplained pain and illnesses
  • Mood swings, personality changes or impulsive out of character behaviour
  • Poor concentration or muddled thinking
  • Hearing voices
  • Sleep issues
  • Allergies
  • Sexual issues
  • Not feeling ‘like yourself’
  • Drug or alcohol abuse

While the most severe cases of spirit attachment by an earthbound spirit might be less common, having at least some attached energy that does not belong to you is actually surprisingly common. Changes are sometimes subtle and often people have had spirit attachments for years, or even from childhood, without knowing.

Removal of these energies is nothing like the ‘exorcisms’ that are portrayed in film and television. The process is gentle and compassionate and aims to not only help you but to aid the spirits or energies we are releasing to go to the light for their own healing.

Healing with energy is always given after removal of Spirit Attachments as they will have affected the bodily energy field. We also aim to find what drew them to connect to the person as often this indicates an issue that needs healing.

Most cases only require one session which is around one hour in length and costs £60. If you suspect you have a Spirit Attachment or wish to know more please get in touch.