Spirit Release Therapy. Have you deep cleaned your energy lately?

Have you been feeling tired or lacklustre lately? Or maybe you are experiencing mood swings or strong emotions and aren’t sure where they are coming from? Do you have unexplained pain or physical symptoms that came on suddenly? Have you been in hospital for an operation or work in a hospital or hospice? Or are you even hearing voices in your head or thoughts that don’t seem like yours? Did you know that your energy might not all be your own? You might be carrying energy that just does not belong to you.

Many people are coming around to the idea that we live in a world of energy. All matter is simply slow moving energy if we break it down far enough and we are constantly surrounded by unseen vibrations of many forms. So how do these energies affect us? Many are positive, many have no effect on us at all but many can have a negative effect. The effects can be subtle or dramatic, physical or emotional and pass through us quickly or attach to us stay with us for a long time.

Removing these unwanted energies that don’t belong to you is where Spirit Release Therapy comes in. Most of us are pretty good at cleaning dirt and dust from our homes and our physical bodies but often we neglect to keep our energetic body protected and cleansed. Even those of us that are aware of the need for energetic management can often be susceptible to picking up unwanted energies in times of stress or illness. So what are these unwanted energies and how can we go about getting rid of them.

These intrusive energies and spirit attachments as they are often called, come in many forms. The most simple is emotional energy from other people. Most people can remember a time where they have walked into a room where others have been arguing, or in some other highly emotional state, and felt a ‘bad vibe’ in the room. You can feel the emotional energy and some people take that energy on as their own. It literally sticks to you and ‘dirties’ your own energy. You then feel angry, sad or whatever the emotion of the people that generated that energy. A bit like getting sand on your body at the beach, the sand does not mean to stick to you and certainly means you no harm but it can be bothersome and needs to be brushed off before it causes chafing!

While emotional energy has no ‘consciousness’ of its own there are forms of spirit attachment that do. We have all heard expressions like “When I left my old house I left a bit of myself there” or “When he left me, he took a part of me with him.” Whilst these are common expressions, there is more truth in them than you might think. Parts of our soul energy, often called soul fragments, can be spilt off in times of trauma, high emotion or stress. These can be small or significant amounts of energy which can then attach to other people, especially if they are experiencing the same emotion or problem. Once attached, our own energy is affected by the intrusive energy and takes on characters or qualities of the attached energy. At the extreme end of spirit attachment, souls who have failed to cross over after death and become earthbound can attach to a living person. When this happens, as the attached energy is more able to consciously affect the ‘host’, the symptoms are stronger and often more dramatic than with soul fragments but luckily just as easy to remove and release. In these cases the spirit attachment is really just a poor lost soul that really wants to go home to the light and with a little compassion and understanding they leave happily to receive their own healing.

So what are the likely symptoms of Spirit attachment or intrusive energy? They are many and varied and can be subtle or dramatic. Many people with a major attachment often say “I just don’t feel like my old self anymore”. Depression, anxiety, personality changes or strong out of character emotions are common as are unexplained physical pains and other physical symptoms like headaches, migraines, digestive issues and lack of energy. Some people may have a sudden fascination with a topic they never liked or suddenly take up a habit, like smoking or drinking to excess. While some spirit attachments have even been known to make their host gain weight!

And it is more common than you might think. We all have times when we are tired, unwell and vulnerable. Many spirit attachments are picked up in hospitals during operations as general anaesthetic leaves us unprotected in a place where there are many earthbound souls. People working in hospitals, or in the emergency services often have them as they are around people in a state of trauma. Therapists, healers and other people who have a strong desire to help others, even hairdressers and beauticians, can often unwittingly welcome spirit attachments in as they have a subconscious desire to help them. Then there are the vows or promises we make to loved ones, especially at the end of their lives. It is not uncommon for the soul of a deceased person to attach to a loved one to either help them or because one, or the other, didn’t want to let go. It is really not unusual at all to find spirit attachments on clients when I check them. Many have no idea they were there.

Now, I’m a naturally sceptical person and if I hadn’t experienced the huge benefit of Spirit Release I would not have believed it! My experience of this began a number of years ago when my children were young. Since their birth by caesarean I had been having a number of physical and emotional problems including panic attacks and a lot of anger. It had got so bad that I had been diagnosed by the doctor as suffering with stress (I thought that was to be expected with two children under school age!) and had undergone gastroscopy and colonoscopy as I was having gut pain and was convinced that something was wrong with my digestive system! I felt really old all of a sudden and remember saying to my husband “I feel like I’m 80 years old”. I went to a Regression Therapist to undergo a Past Life Regression, just out of interest. As part of the session, whilst I was in trance, she asked me if I was carrying any energies not belonging to me. My conscious mind scoffed at the idea and thought “of course not, that’s just crazy talk” so imagine my surprise to hear the words coming from my mouth “Yes. There are 15”!

Most of the energies were minor but there were several significant ones. One had been with me since a stay in hospital as a toddler, one from aged 7, but the most significant was a major spirit attachment that had joined me in hospital at the time of my children’s birth. She was an 80something year old lady who had died of stomach cancer. She had no idea she was affecting me so much physically and was just confused and looking for help. Once she (and her 14 friends) were released and helped home to the light I felt totally different! From the time I returned home after the session my mood and emotions had settled, I was much calmer and the anger had gone. Within the next few days my physical symptoms had disappeared and I have not had a panic attack since. The experience was not only beneficial but challenged my beliefs, stretched my mind and ultimately lead me to retrain as a therapist!

Spirit Release is, though, a contentious area. Many people, even very spiritual people just don’t believe that energies can attach to our own energy and affect us in this way. Some psychotherapists have suggested that the experience and benefit gained from Spirit Release can be explained as the mind creating a metaphor and that these ‘energies’ are simply subpersonalities or ‘parts’ of the psyche. So did I have the spirit of a deceased 80 year old lady attached to my energy or did my mind create that to go with the symptoms I had? All I know is that I felt 100% better after just one enjoyable session and that is the most important outcome for me!

So if you feel that you may be affected by spirit attachments or be carrying energy that doesn’t belong to you, suspect that someone you know does, or just simply would like to ‘spring clean’ your energy please have a look at the information on Spirit Release on my webpage and get in touch.