Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy is an approach that helps clients resolve events in their past to overcome emotional or physical issues in their life.

Many people have the feeling that something in their past is holding them back from being happy or moving forward in their life. Regression allows us to uncover the root cause of an issue and resolve it so the client can gain understanding and release the hold their past has on them.

Regression can be combined with standard Hypnotherapy or used as an idepenedant therapy. In many cases results are often much faster and more significant than by using standard Hypnotherapy alone as it treats the cause of the issue rather than treating the emotional or physical symptoms that have arrisen.

Regression therapy can be divided into two main uses. Current life Regression deals with the memories from your earlier life and childhood which may be affecting you now. A variety of techniques may be used including Inner Child healing.

Past Life Regression therapy is based on the idea that memories from past lives can be carried forward to affect us in our current life. By unearthing and processing these memories, experiences that may be blocking the client are released allowing them to move forward in their life.

All Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy sessions are charged at £50 per hour. The number and length of session will vary depending on the type of session and the issue being worked on.

I will always discuss a treatment plan fully with you before starting treatment so we can work together to get the best result from your therapy.