Past Life Regression Therapy

Past life regression is an area of hypnotherapy that creates a lot of interest but divided opinions. Most people fall into one of  three differing views on past lives.

  1. It is a load of nonsense, just something made up in your mind that draws on something read or seen on TV
  2. Some part of our conciousness survives death and is reborn time and time again. You can carry memories of these lives which can be accessed in your current life.
  3. It’s a metaphor that your subconcious creates that helps you make understand or move on from things going on in your life.

It is entirely up to you which you believe and regardless of your religion, upbringing or beliefs often Past Life Regression is successful in dealing with issues that have not been improved with other therapies or have no known cause in the current life. Phobias, illneses or pains with no known medical cause and anxiety and panic attacks are some of the many issues that sometimes have a basis in a ‘Past Life’.

For example a client may have unexplained neck pain and headaches which conventional medicine is ineffectual at treating. The client then experiences a past life as a dairy maid, carrying heavy buckets of milk on a yoke around their neck. Maybe the pain in this life is a direct result of the trauma in this ‘past life’ or maybe it is the minds way of giving the pain and physical symptoms a story and a personality in order to explain it.  But once we have worked with that past life and cleared the trauma of it in the mind, leaving the client pain free and their symptoms completely gone, does it really matter which is true? Certainly not to me and I leave clients to make up their own minds about the true nature of past lives.

Many people are interested in coming for a past life regression simply out of curiosity and this is welcome too! Often this becomes a path to personal and spiritual growth, understanding your life purpose or tapping into previously unknown talents or strengths! For more information on a Past Life Exploration click here ……

All Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy sessions are charged at £50 per hour. The number and length of session will vary depending on the type of session and the issue being worked on.

I will always discuss a treatment plan fully with you before starting treatment so we can work together to get the best result from your therapy.