Past Life Exploration

Who do you think you were? What secrets lie in your past? What talents or gifts could you access if only you could remember them?

Many people wish to explore their past lives out of a desire to explore more of their true nature as soul or out of simply curiosity. Maybe you are unsure whether you even believe in the afterlife or reincarnation or fear your own mortality?

A Past Life Exploration allows you to delve deep into what is buried in your consciousness, connect deeply with the emotions of the time and gain a true sense of peace from experiencing your true essence. For these sessions the intention is always to connect with a positive happy past life where insights about your current life can be given, understanding about patterns or choices in your life gained and clarity of purpose in life achieved. Experiencing first hand that death is not the end allows a peace and transcendence that is truly life changing.

A past Life Exploration is around 90 minutes in length and costs £75