Do you want to make changes in your life but feel that no matter how hard you try your will power is just not enough? Or maybe you are aware that old thoughts, emotions or behaviour are effecting your life or holding you back from being happy or fulfilled. Maybe you suffer from a stress related illness, chronic pain or other illness that traditional medicine is proving ineffectual in healing.

Hypnotherapy can be applied to many psychological, emotional and physical disorders and has been proven a safe and effective way to overcome habits like smoking, over eating, nail biting and the like as well as delving into deeper levels of the subconscious to work with phobias, lack of self confidence, stress relief even IBS.

Put simply, Hypnotherapy utilizes the power of positive suggestion and visualisation to bring about change to your subconscious mind, ultimatly changing your  thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

Some of the many issues I can work with you on include:

  • Stop Smoking
  • Weight Issues
  • Stress Management and relaxation
  • Anxiety & Panic Attacks
  • Fear of flying
  • Phobias
  • Sleep Problems and Insomnia
  • Self Confidence Issues
  • Fear of public speaking
  • Coping with exams
  • Sports performance
  • and many more, in fact most issues can be helped by Hypnotherapy


So what is Hypnosis?

First of all, it is nothing like what you see in the media or on a stage show! Hypnosis is simply a relaxed but focused state of mind that allows more direct communication to the subconcious brain. We all go into Hypnotic ‘Trance’ states on a regular basic. Going into ‘Auto-pilot’ while drinving and not remembering how we got home, reading a book and seeing the characters in your immagination or simply daydreaming. These are all forms of a Hypnotic mind state.

Secondly Hypnosis is  a partnership between the your therapist and yourself. The only person who cannot enter into Hypnosis is one who does not want to! Your co-operation is essential for the treatment to be successful as a Hypnotherapist simply cannot make you do anything that you do not actually want to do. You are fully in control and in charge during a session and can stop at any time if you so wished.

And last of all Hypnosis is usually a very pleasant and relaxing and enjoyble experience. Most people leave feeling positive calm and upbeat!

So if you ready and willing to make the changes in your life hypnosis provides a safe, effective and quick tool for positive change and habit breaking.



The number of sessions will depend on the issue you are working on.  For many issues such as Insomnia or habit breaking only one or two session may be needed. For other more complex issues four to six sessions might be reccomended.

Hypnosis sessions are usually around one hour in length and are priced at £50 per hour.

Longer 1-2 hour sessions are used for ‘Rapid Phobia Release’ and other advanced techniques such as regression, and these are charged to the half hour (eg a 90 minute session would be £75)

Smoking cessation is a single 2 hour session and costs £150

I will always discuss a treatment plan fully with you before starting treatment so we can work together to get the best result from your therapy.