Home and Space Clearing

Our home is our sanctuary and our workplace is where we spend a significant part of our day. The energy of the building in which you spend time has a significant effect on your emotional and physical wellbeing, therefore balancing and clearing the space where you live or your business premises seems good practice, particularly when moving into a new home or space that has been occupied by others before you.

 Even the most unspiritual person will notice that some homes and a nice ‘feel’ and we often talk about a place having a bad ‘vibe’. This is simply our natural senses picking up on the subtle energies of our surroundings. Maybe your home feels unwelcoming, family members or colleagues are regularly ill or your business is not thriving as well as previously. These can all be indications that the energy of your space is unsound and could benefit from clearing.

Stories of haunted houses are common, and while earthbound spirits (ghosts) can be responsible for the feelings of negativity in a building, there are also many other, less intrusive, factors that can be at play. Emotional energy generated by the inhabitants or previous occupants, geopathic stress from the land below the building, elemental energies and the previous history of the building can all have an effect on the energies and atmosphere and can leave residents with a range of symptoms. These can include mood and energy changes, emotional outbursts, poor health and frequent minor illnesses, problems with water or electric systems, to name but a few.

Earthbound spirits are usually a little more obvious and signs of their presence can include unexplained noises or smells, a heavy depressing atmosphere, cold spots, movement of objects or sensing a presence and are usually associated with the feeling of fear.   

Understanding that an earthbound spirit is simply a lost soul who needs help getting home, I can assist in releasing them with compassion. Other energies are removed using a variety of tools and I then rebalance and harmonise all energies that may be affecting your space leaving it, and you, with a feeling of tranquillity. I will also give advice on how to maintain balance in the future, allowing you to cultivate a calm, peaceful and healthy environment.

Pricing depends on the size of the property and travel time for me to reach you. A standard three bedroom property in Bristol is likely to cost around £200. Please contact me for further information.