Between Lives Spiritual Regression

Sometimes also referred to as ‘Life Between Lives’ or ‘Interlife’ Regression, Between Lives Spiritual Regression uses a deep trance Hypnotic state to access the personal soul memories of the Spirit Realm, the state we all exist in when not in ‘human form’.

The expereince begins by the client being guided through death before entering the spirit realms where the soul is met by loved ones and embraced by the unconditional love of their soul group. From there, Elders, higher guides or wise souls are met to give guidance and wisdom about life lessons and choices and to give illumintion on the planning of the current life.

Reconnecting to the souls true essence the client is able to experience themself in their authentic state. From this state of higher perspective clients are able to gain a deep understanding of the life lessons chosen in the current life, make sense of their life purpose or mission and shead many layers of fear, doubt or anxiety that may be holding them back in life.

No two sessions are the same as no two people are working on the same life plan,  but the experience is always enlightening, uplifting and holds profound understanding for each individual.

In order to experience the deep state that is required for this type of session it is essential that any issues such as unresolved major current life issues or negative energy attachments have been cleared first. Because of this the Between Lives package included a therapeuic pre-session to clear anything from your current or past lives which might hold you back from entering the between lives state. This session is up to 3 hours in length and held within the week prior to the Between Lives session. The Between Lives session itself is up 4 hours. The total cost of the package including both sessions is £300.