Based on the border of Bristol and South Gloucestershire, I provide Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy to those seeking positive change or overcoming challanges in their lives. For those seeking to expand the knowledge of their own soul I am a certified Past Life Regression and Between Lives Spiritual Regression practitioner.

Hypnotherapy & Regression Therapy

Hypnotherapy utilises the power positive suggestion and visualisation to bring about change to your subconscious mind, ultimatly changing your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Employing Regression Therapy as part of a session allows the root cause of an issue to be uncovered, gaining rapid insight and transformation of deep- seated emotions at a fundamental level.

Past Life Regression & Between Lives Spiritual Regression

Many people wish to explore past lives as part of their spiritual journey. Discovering the true nature of your soul can be liberating and empowering, gaining understanding and insight into the true magnificence of your life. Between Lives Spiritual Regression takes this one step further, journeying into the spirit realm where our souls exist when not incarnate on Earth.

Spirit Release & Space Clearing

We live in a world of subtle energies many of which, although unseen, can affect our lives. Spirit Release can be seen as a spring clean of your personal energy field, releasing any energies that do not belong to you. Space clearing for your home, business or building removes negative energies and balances forces to restore harmony and tranquility to your surroundings.

Delwyn Blay

Delwyn Blay

I am a qualified and insured Regression Therapist and Hypnotherapist based on the North East Bristol/ South Gloucestershire border. I am passionate about helping people to take control of their own lives, empowering them to heal themselves using their own inner resources as well as assisting those on their journey of spiritual and self exploration.
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